The Regenex Story

Regenex Building

Regenex was founded in 1992 to serve two important requirements of vinyl window manufacturers:

  1. Your need for lower cost, high quality accessory extrusions, to reduce the overall cost of your window.
  2. Eliminating the cost to dispose of the vinyl scrap resulting from your manufacturing operations, and possibly providing you with a revenue stream from this material instead.

The Regenex System utilizes your vinyl scrap as a feedstock for providing you with the accessory extrusions that you require at a sharply reduced cost. Our extrusion technology results in high-quality lineals that are indistinguishable from virgin in terms of both finish and properties. Because your vinyl scrap is utilized, you are guaranteed an exact color match.

Regenex makes it easy to recycle your vinyl. We provide gaylord boxes and pallets for scrap storage, and handle all transportation of both the scrap and extrusions at our expense. Our goal is to make the efficient recycling of your vinyl scrap almost as easy as throwing it away.

The Regenex Program can yield bottom line benefits of thousands of dollars to small fabricators, and tens of thousands of dollars to larger window manufacturers. I encourage you to contact us and see what we can do for you.

At present, Regenex serves over 100 Vinyl Window Manufacturers in the US and Canada. We currently have more than 230 extrusions, and we can custom produce any vinyl extrusion that you require. Please click on our Catalogue to view parts that may match yours, and to gain an idea of the range of Custom Extrusions we offer. If you don't see what you need, contact us! We are happy to develop and provide custom extrusions to meet your needs.